As for Damon’s drive to get back to Elena, Somerhalder says, “He’ll go through every length to make that happen. It’s a driving force in his life. Damon doesn’t give a sh– about very much except his home, his brother, and his girl.
(Entertainment Weekly, Oct. 1)


Had two cups of CS tea

read the leaves for the first one


read the leaves for the next one


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I mean, just cuz YOU don’t want to date Killian doesn’t mean Emma doesn’t want to


stop taking away her AGENCY to decide who she does or doesn’t want to be involved with

k bye

To die is nothing, but to live with purpose and integrity, that’s something.
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Lmao remember when the CS fandom got “kicked out of the fandom” lolol. Best thing ever. I don’t ever want to be associated with these people. I actually like being part of a fandom that doesn’t have to bully people to get what they want and actually respects the writers and actors. And don’t throw tantrums because they don’t get their way. Bye.



Tomorrow night Damon Salvatore will finally be on my TV screen again and nothing else really matters