Captain Swan being so married that it’s not even funny anymore

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"Because you love me."

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anonymous asked: Defan or Delena

Every time one of them is in the room with the other, it’s like they don’t have to say anything but their tension or chemistry exists," added Dries. "I think that’s what makes them as a couple so powerful. Even if the storyline is them not dating, it’s still a love story.
Caroline Dries about Damon and Elena, The Hollywood Review (via -damons)
Ian pulled me aside and said, ‘if you kill Enzo, I’m gonna quit’.
Caroline Dries (x)
You’ll [also] see Damon make a promise under extreme duress, and have no idea what he’s promised.
Caroline Dries (x)

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Staring contest with Ian Somerhalder (4/24/2014)