Theme 3, July 4 (Fri) - July 5 (Sat): Book!Damon

Damon Salvatore as Bennett Ryan from the book “Beautiful Bastard" by Christina Lauren

“I realize you think I’m just a filthy manwhore, but it does actually matter to me.” -Bennett Ryan

Emma and Hook’s happiness: It sounds like things will be going pretty well for the couple, but that won’t necessarily be the focus of the new season. “It’s not really about her relationship,” Horowitz said. “It’s about her finding herself.” Added Colin O’Donoghue, “He realized he could find love again.”

And speaking of Hook, he will finally be getting a new outfit this season! As for Emma’s former love, Kitsis noted, “Neal will always live in flashbacks and in our heart.”

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The thing for me is that Killian is there for Emma, in whatever capacity she needs him, as a friend or helping hand (hook?) … whatever she needs, and he’s not like “you need to tell me if we’re gonna be together or not or I’m leaving”. It’s not about him. He knows she…


Jennifer & Colin benig the cutest thing to ever happen at San Diego Comic Con, 26 July 2014.

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Is there a moment coming up in the next season that you can’t wait for the fans to see?

They have a thing and there’s stuff.

captain swan according to colin o’donoghue and jennifer morrison (via swans-and-scoundrels)

very erudite and elegant, Colin!